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About Potomac Abatement, Inc.: we perform as a Prime and Subcontractor for industrial, government, hotel, university and other clients throughout the Baltimore/Washington metro area. Learn more about our clients from our Major Projects List and our Craftsmanship Award from the Washington Business Congress. We have an extensive list of quality oriented clientele throughout the Washington DC and Baltimore MD area.

Potomac Abatement, Inc. is a specialty contractor with over thirty (30) years of expertise in asbestos abatement, interior demolition, lead removal, and mold remediation.

Potomac Abatement, Inc Company History

Established in 1989, Potomac Abatement, Inc. is a specialty contractor with expertise in demolition, asbestos abatement, lead removal, and mold remediation. Our office located in Jessup, Maryland serves the regional markets of Baltimore, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia. Potomac has and will service other areas of the country for specific clients with multiple locations and a desire to continue the trusted relationship developed with us.

Potomac Abatement, Inc. performs both as a prime contractor and subcontractor for a multitude of clients including the federal government (including secured military bases and other restricted areas), state agencies, schools and universities, commercial and industrial buildings, property managers, financial institutions, insurance companies, and the vast majority of major building contractors in the areas served.

All required certifications and licenses are maintained for each jurisdiction as dictated by federal, state and local regulations including the Environmental Protection Agency, Maryland Department of the Environment, Commonwealth of Virginia, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the DC Department of Energy and Environment.  All field personnel being individually licensed follow rigorous initial and annual continued training/educational programs for potential hazardous material exposure. In addition, all employees are continuously monitored for exposure on a job-to-job basis to ensure compliance with all OSHA regulations.

Our highly trained professionals permit projects of any magnitude be performed. Potomac Abatement, Inc.is particularly proficient performing renovations involving both the demolition and removal of hazardous materials.  Our experienced and trained workforce will effectively plan the scope of work, coordinate safe work effort, plan proper material handling and physical logistics.  Critical-path scheduling ensures on-time completion. The combination of skills results in a value-engineered project at a lesser cost compared to hiring multiple contractors. One phone call will give you a complete up-to-the-minute project status.

Potomac Abatement, Inc.’s management team offers over 100 years of experience in demolition and hazardous material remediation including general construction management. This expert team will provide a quick and capable response to your project, whether large or small, simple or complex, hazardous or not, for one of the most competitive prices available in the industry.


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You can trust the integrity
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…For Your Company or Agency’s Peace of Mind

Potomac Abatement supplies highly trained professionals who have a well earned reputation for addressing and resolving the issues surrounding asbestos and lead contaminated sites.

Potomac Abatement has extensive experience serving a wide range of clients from government agencies to Fortune 500 companies, schools and real estate firms providing both emergency response and scheduled removal in occupied building with minimal disruption. Our experienced project managers work closely with clients on-site to execute effective abatement procedures designed to meet or exceed local, state and federal guidelines. And Potomac Abatement’s sound and successful financial and business history is enviable, affording clients the confidence of reliability and financial strength.

At Potomac Abatement we know that providing the highest quality service to our clients means we’ve delivered what we promised…peace of mind.

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